Rui Palha

English – Spanish

Rui Palha.

Rui Palha, photographer Portuguese, we can say that is a successor of Henri Cartier-Bresson, the photographer will surprise us with the Lisbon street photographs of his hometown.

Palha is a photographer who has won a place in street photography estimable arguably the Internet. Gradually, amazed by the quality of their work, the number has grown to be a lot of fans worldwide.

Rui Palha very interested honesty posed with his work: direct, uncompromising in style and connecting with the best photographic tradition of European and North American black and white. It is a “kicker” of the city, a toddler, because he knows that the best photos are always behind the next corner. And that is a condition of street photographers: the body of his work is born of continued frequenting squares and streets, trying to surprise a moment that can be decisive or at least express what the photographer has seen and experienced.

Palha is the best visual chronicler Lisbon and elsewhere in Portugal. A lesson in simplicity, humility and courage to learn to stay out of fashion and tyrants who rule the world of photography today.

Leicanistas text, you can read the full interview here. In Spanish.

Here you can see the image gallery of Rui Palha 

Rui Palha 1 Rui palha 2 Rui Palha 3 Rui Palha 4

Rui Palha 5

Rui Palha 6

Posted by Jose Galvez.


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