Andy Fabrykant

English – Spanish

Andy Fabrykant.

Andy Fabrykant was born in Buenos Aires in 1984, currently resides in Saint-Ouen, France. Filmmaker by profession he is a great lover of photography.

Q: What do you think of street photography or urban?

A: Street photography is probably where I find more freedom. I come from the film world where everything is a controlled environment. Street photography allows us to be spontaneous and decide both what captured. It is life itself that decides for us. I try to do something called “games”, where I follow someone without photograph and takes me to places I probably never would have gone on my own. I try to leave all the random variables.

Q: Do you prefer black and white or color?.

A: My quick answer would be black and white because you really use in general. But I think if I could choose to have two cameras … one in color and one in black and white. (I’m photographing everything in filml)

Q: We have seen that you have a very good album photographing animals. Tell me a little about it.

A: The animals are characters that do not offend or upset to be photographed. And always be natural, they are not seeing a target pose. I think we live in an underworld to ours, but are worthy citizens like us.

On their website you can learn more about Andy —->

Andy Fabrykant 1 Andy Fabrykant 2 Andy Fabrykant 3 Andy Fabrykant 4 Andy Fabrykant 5 Andy Fabrykant 6

Posted by Sergi Soriano.


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